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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Street dogs *equals* animals too!

“Dogs are men’s best friends.” But are men dogs’ best friends? Are men doing what the dogs need, what the dogs really need?

Years after years, the population of street dogs increases over time. Nowadays, street dogs are wandering everywhere in the city. And government laws aren’t strict about this matter!

Abandoned by their owner, the dogs start to wander around the city. And once they are out of their owner’s care, they got the new name --street dogs. Uncontrolled breeding causes the number to rise, resulting in more and more street dogs in the city.

The street dogs search for food everywhere (to survive, of course). And those unlucky ones will just starve to death. *cries*

Some people even abuse those dogs. For example throwing rocks at them, or hitting them with sticks. Some street dogs are handicapped that way; some just die due to severe bleeding.

Street dogs even form packs (just like their wolf ancestor), yet they don’t hunt, they just guard one specific area from intruders. Like the wolves, a group of dogs will guard one place from any outsiders (that includes other group of dogs, or humans). Intruders’ alert and they will strike, chasing off the intruders. Those “insane dogs” can do severe damage, and you don’t wanna get into one of those fight. >.>

Quadruplets! O.O!

Well, non-government organization do concern about this street dogs matter, and they do take action. But lack of men power, the number of street dogs just doesn't go down. We, as the citizen can help too. Instead of buying "expensive dogs" (cross-breed, high quality dogs), we can adopt those street dogs captured by the 'dog capturing organization'(I don't know what is that call -.-) for *FREE*!

****These are the rescued street dogs.****

Cute little puppy~
Who says street dogs ain't cute? ;)

Please help these cute pups~ You don't want them do die, don't you? >.>

Lai- Codename, Wolf- thanks for the idea. :D
Angel(Dog)- :D Haha~
Google image- thanks for the awesome pictures!
Friends- Sorry for the long wait. >.>
And hope you like it/them (the dogs). XD

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