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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Cats, Mystical Feline

Some people like cats, while some don't. Some people think cats are evil. >.> Nuuu~~ it's not! See.. how cute~

Cats can be seen everywhere now from streets to home. Wandering anywhere, their adaptability from wild cats in the jungle has brought them to the countryside and the city.

Cats' domestication is believed to start around 9500 years ago, originated in Cyprus.
Some says from Egypt, but evidence of cat's fossil found in Cyprus had been proven. The mystical seal of Egypt has been broken!! >.>

Due to the domestication, cats fur have changed into variety of colors; therefore abandoning the art of camouflage, they live among humans to stay alive.

Cats have marble-like eye balls. Color range from blue, green to yellow, orange and brown. And the remarkable feature of their eyes, expandable pupils.. making them to see clearly even in dim light. Cats can see 6 times better than human in night time!!

Cats, especially young kittens, are known for their love of play.

Some funny cats. X3

Kung Hay Fat Choy~~!! Haha~


So miao miyao and meow~

Love peace~~ ^^

Some cats of mine~ >.>


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