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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Ice-cream for everyone!

Aaaahhhh, isn't it great to share some ice-cream with the animals? Especially in this hot weather!

As we know, the earth is going warmer and warmer. Yup, the global warming. Ice cubes of north pole melts, weather changes dramatically in all of a sudden. The greens are vanishing day by day. HUMAN are the one to be blame. And HUMAN mean you, and me!

Well speaking of hot weather, nothing can be more soothing than the.. ICE-CREAM! Yeah, ice-cream. In the Zoo Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Zoo keepers are giving out ice-creams and frozen fruits to the animals. Yay!

This grizzly bear is holding some frozen fruits, in a pool! Does that look like, a Hawaiian grizzly? :D

I did watch the news on TV and the grizzly was playing with his frozen watermelon, like those ball gymnastics. But in the end the watermelon fell and breaks half.(Haha!)

Now, this is one ugly beast (no offense :D). And it's a spider monkey. As ugly as it is, it still gets its ice-cream. >.>

I don't know about the other zoo, but if I'm an animal I'll definitely wanna stay in this one. :D

But first thing's first, why are they giving out ice-creams? Is it because there's too much unsold ice-creams in the storage? No, it's because of the overwhelming summer heat! We are the one who's making the planet heat up, and now we are giving ice-creams to the animals to say "Sorry"?

Human think think think. Don't let the animals down. Save our planet, our only planet.

P/S: Am I feeling heated up right now? Maybe I should calm down. Hrmm, I could use some of those ice-cream. >.>

Laurie- Codename, Yaypenguins
thanks for your words, it isn't much but it keeps me going. :)
Darrel and Chee Hui
thanks for the "opening ceremony" of my chatbox. >.>

And thank you for reading..!

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