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Friday, March 12, 2010

The Lions Kingdom – The Pride!

Still remember the Lion king Simba? Well this one surely doesn't look like Simba. >.>

Well, I myself is very fascinated by this animal. For me, lions are very great predators. Unlike other cats family like leopards or tigers, lions forms pack, called "Pride" and hunts down prey together.

Simba: "The Pride is on the prowl!"

On top of the hierarchy, it's the alpha male lion, usually the fittest of all the male lions in the pride. But when the pride goes on the hunt, lioness would lead it. (And I don't know why, maybe "Ladies first?") And the finishing blow would be executed by the alpha male when the prey is pinned down by the other lions.

Impressive coordination and teamwork, but yet the Pride often missed their meal due to limited stamina. Well this is because they're lack of exercising right? From what I see, lions sleep for 20 hours a day! They SHOULD REALLY do some workouts!

Cute lions cub.

Lion has an average lifespan of 16 years in the wild, which is way too little. *cries*
But if it's kept in the zoo, or a tamed (domesticated) one, their lifespan can reach up to 30 years.. Wow!

Well from my point of view, taming a lion is really brave thing to do. There is one stupid guy (not telling the name :]) I saw in the news. He has 5 lions (or more), and he's playing with them like we are playing with our pets. But actually from what I see, the lions are playing him (Haha!). The lions giant paws can almost tear of the owner's head even if the lion is just playing. Well, you can't deny the strength of the Beast!

Okay, that's all I would love to share with you about lions. I'll stop here and sign myself out! I don't wanna make my "article" too looooong, as in "it's getting boring here~". Haha, short and simple is what you and I need. ;)

P/S: This is some kind of an animal "not-full-database", but I hope you like it. :) And feel free to comment.

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