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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Emperor Penguin - Symbol of Antarctica!

Anyone watched the "March of the penguins"? Hrmm, ya it's a long movie and it's kinda ........ Anyway, these are the emperor penguins. >.>

Emperor penguin (Aptenodytes forsteri), is the tallest and heaviest penguin of all. Yup, they are big, and that's why they can't FLY!(Haha!)

Their adaptation to the cold are truly impressive. Temperature of the Antarctica can reach down to −40°C. And strong wind of the south just makes the thing even worse. But the emperors' fur/feathers and it's thick fat, help them to survive in this bone chilling place. --That's why the penguins are always chilled. >.>

The march of the emperor penguins.

For those who watched the movie, you should have known about the devotion of the emperor parents to their baby. The emperors "marched" for a long journey before they can lay an egg, yes only a single egg! Emperor daddy and mommy takes turn to take care of the egg, and even after it hatches. When one looks after the chick, the other one goes and feed itself, full enough to feed the young when it comes back.

They are birds, and they can't breath underwater. But their diet are mainly fish, and sometimes squid (which are underwater). That's why the emperors have to dive into the icy cold water of the Antarctica to find their foods. An emperor penguin can hold its breath underwater for approximately 18 minutes!

The underwater ballet.

They are birds, yet they can't go airborne. But no one can beat the emperors when they are in the water!(Most of the time)

And yeah, penguins do FLY. (YayPenguins ;])

That's all for the emperors! Hope you like those images. "Yes, your majesty." >.>

Edit: Added a photo of the flying penguin, and a video link for "flying penguins". O.O


Here's the video link to the "flying penguins" :

P/S: Penguins fly fly fly, but just underwater. :O

YayPenguins- Thinking of you, I think of the penguins :D
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