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Thursday, March 11, 2010

First start. Save the animals!

Few days ago, I was watching this, one documentary program. I didn't get the name but it was about the animal welfare. A city/town (not sure which city) is flooded and residents are evacuated to the safer place by the government. In the mean time, pets are also suffering from that flood. Government law doesn't allow pets to be carried along with their owner during evacuation (which is a MEAN law!). And when the storm is finally over, the city is covered by water, dirty water. Abandoned pets such as cats, dogs, turtles, and even parrots wouldn’t be able to survive under this filthy environment. Without food or fresh water, those pets would die.

After two weeks, workers and volunteers start the rescue for the pets. The place was awful. They manage to find and save as many as 15,000 pets. But that wasn’t even close to the number of demand by the owner of those abandoned pets, which were around 250,000.

And there is one dog (Its name is Blake), which was very dehydrated and its bone is appealed on the skin itself. When the rescuers found Blake, they gave it fresh water to drink and it gulps 3 gallants of water non-stop. That was a very cute thing to see, but I feels very sad at the same time.

Blake was found on the roof and was rescued by the team. You can see its bone through the skin.

Blake's owner came and retrieved it. Happy ending!

So, please love our pets, love the animals. Do those pets rely on us? No, sometimes, the owner rely even more on the pets do, more than they could imagine.

Edit: It was the Hurricane Katrina that causes the flood and the city is New Orleans.

P/S: This is my first post on the blog. So I just start off formally. It isn't much but it would be a good start for me. Hope you like it! :)

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thank you for encouraging me into this, and I hope you like it.

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