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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Gray Wolf, now our Best Friend?

So, do wolves really "evolve" into domesticated dogs?

Yup, the wolf are the dog's ancestor. In some ten thousand years ago, the domestication began and wolves slowly change to dogs.


Wolves are predatory animals. They hunt down big animal like the bison. In some other area, wolves also feed on salmon fish. o.o

But how do wolves turn into dogs?

Long time ago (ten thousand years ago), human hunt down animals for the meat. Leaving large pile of bones outside the house, wolves start to come and grab anything they can eat. This is very normal because cannibalism exist among wolves. So from a predator wolf, it slowly turns into a scavenger wolf. Having free meal, left by the human. This made those wolves eventually rely on human.

Later on, wolves become closer and closer to human. That's why the wolves slowly changes into dogs. During this domestication, the fur colour of the wolves change after generation of breeding. Because they don't need the fur colour to camouflage to their surroundings (surprise attack purpose) anymore.

But yet the dogs still inherit some of their ancestors' characteristics. The body bio mechanism changes a little, but the nose is still there! >.> What I mean is that dogs inherit the wolves nose and they can sniff real good!

Nowadays dogs are crossbreed to create "better dogs!". For example the bloodhounds, generations of breeding making the efficiency of their nose to evolve (>.>), sniffing even more GODLY! Generally use to sniff out drugs, or even track a person. (Probably a criminal)

The bloodhound pups! Yay~

The golden retriever~

German shephard puppy~

Canine in the Twilight Timberland!

It means signing off~~~~ ao~ (Wolf language) >.>

Google image
Lai(Wolf) - x)

Friday, March 26, 2010

Forbidding dogs to bark. OMG?

Alright, this is INTERESTING. I saw this news on TV, and I was shocked! O.O

Piscataway, jersey town. The law was originally forbidding the dogs to bark during 8pm to 8am. (Which was already very MEAN!) And now they want the dogs to be quiet for the whole day, 24/7! (What in the world...)

Oh great, now pet owners have to teach their pets a new trick --BE QUIET! Dogs: ".........."

From what I heard from the news, dogs which DISOBEY the law will have their owner fined (fine up to $600)! -.- Or even bring to court! Isn't that stupid?!

What's wrong for a dog to bark?
"That's not fair at all. Dogs shouldn't be scrutinized for what?" resident Anthony Brullo told CBS Affiliate WCBS. "They're talking! Talking is their barking!" Well, I'M TOTALLY AGREE WITH THAT!

Why don't YOU forbid cats from meowing? Birds from chirping? Lions from roaring? And and, forbid humans from talking??

But I can't do anything about it. That's the law!~ People complain about the noise and people set up this law. *BIG SIGH*

I think I'll just shut up together with those dogs now.

Dog: "Human, YOU shut up then I'll shut up!" >=[

Google image

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Polar bears struggling for survival!

Polar bears of the Arctic Circle (the north pole), are now struggling for survival. Not only the cause of the global warming (which melts the ice of the north), until these days, poachers still hunt them down for its skin rugs, claws, skulls and other parts of these animals; for decoration purpose!

Polar bear homes are literally melting away. >.>

Large numbers of world polar bears are located in Canada. The Canadian government MIGHT take action about this matter.

Besides from global warming and poaching, polar bears are also facing threats like the oil drilling and pollution.

Gladly, I heard this news on the net, saying that-- "The Obama administration and the Department of the Interior heard you loud and clear, and have agreed to propose an international ban on the trade of polar bear products. "

Worries of the polar bears..!

Stop global warming and the pollution, or we might be seeing polar bears drifting away together with the ice!

Polar bear cubs.

Snow white!

Polar bear cubs are very vulnerable (vulnerable to other male polar bears) and they need their mum to take care of them; and teach them the "way of life!".

"My home is melting!" T_T

Hopefully the government will do something about that and STOP the poaching! Polar bear, the beauty AND also the beast of the Arctic Circle! >.>

Google image

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Killer Whales - Dominance of the Sea!

Hey hey hey, it's aquatic animals this time. Not a fish, not a bird. It's a mammal! The killer whales (Orcinus orca), or sometimes they call it, an Orca. :O

Killer whale is the largest species of the oceanic dolphin family. Also categorized as the toothed whale, the killer whales have about 40 to 52 teeth. Those teeth curve inwards and backwards, allowing them to catch the prey easily.

They are classified as the apex predators (on top of the food chain). Even by that, their existence in this world are still threatening.

There are two major types of killer whales. The resident and the transient.

Resident killer whales eat predominantly fish (Salmon, Lingcod, halibut, greenling, and various small flatfish). The group can be as small as 3, but sometimes it reaches up to 50, yup 50 killer whales in a group.

On the hunt!

Transient, basically can be called --The Hunters. It usually consists of 2 to 6 killer whales in a group.(Small group of hunters) They feed on marine mammals, such as sea lions, or whales (the whales calve, baby >.>)!

A killer whale surfacing to grab its meal (a sea lion).

Killer whales are intelligent animals, so some of the killer whales are trained to entertain people. They are trained to do amazing arts, even better than those dolphins. >.>

The Orcas' dance~ :D

Swimming and singing~

Orca and its calf.

That's all for the sea monsters! See ya~

Google image- for the cool and wet image of the orcas! :D
Darrel- XD Not about panda this time, maybe next time? And thanks for the encouragement!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Street dogs *equals* animals too!

“Dogs are men’s best friends.” But are men dogs’ best friends? Are men doing what the dogs need, what the dogs really need?

Years after years, the population of street dogs increases over time. Nowadays, street dogs are wandering everywhere in the city. And government laws aren’t strict about this matter!

Abandoned by their owner, the dogs start to wander around the city. And once they are out of their owner’s care, they got the new name --street dogs. Uncontrolled breeding causes the number to rise, resulting in more and more street dogs in the city.

The street dogs search for food everywhere (to survive, of course). And those unlucky ones will just starve to death. *cries*

Some people even abuse those dogs. For example throwing rocks at them, or hitting them with sticks. Some street dogs are handicapped that way; some just die due to severe bleeding.

Street dogs even form packs (just like their wolf ancestor), yet they don’t hunt, they just guard one specific area from intruders. Like the wolves, a group of dogs will guard one place from any outsiders (that includes other group of dogs, or humans). Intruders’ alert and they will strike, chasing off the intruders. Those “insane dogs” can do severe damage, and you don’t wanna get into one of those fight. >.>

Quadruplets! O.O!

Well, non-government organization do concern about this street dogs matter, and they do take action. But lack of men power, the number of street dogs just doesn't go down. We, as the citizen can help too. Instead of buying "expensive dogs" (cross-breed, high quality dogs), we can adopt those street dogs captured by the 'dog capturing organization'(I don't know what is that call -.-) for *FREE*!

****These are the rescued street dogs.****

Cute little puppy~
Who says street dogs ain't cute? ;)

Please help these cute pups~ You don't want them do die, don't you? >.>

Lai- Codename, Wolf- thanks for the idea. :D
Angel(Dog)- :D Haha~
Google image- thanks for the awesome pictures!
Friends- Sorry for the long wait. >.>
And hope you like it/them (the dogs). XD

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Emperor Penguin - Symbol of Antarctica!

Anyone watched the "March of the penguins"? Hrmm, ya it's a long movie and it's kinda ........ Anyway, these are the emperor penguins. >.>

Emperor penguin (Aptenodytes forsteri), is the tallest and heaviest penguin of all. Yup, they are big, and that's why they can't FLY!(Haha!)

Their adaptation to the cold are truly impressive. Temperature of the Antarctica can reach down to −40°C. And strong wind of the south just makes the thing even worse. But the emperors' fur/feathers and it's thick fat, help them to survive in this bone chilling place. --That's why the penguins are always chilled. >.>

The march of the emperor penguins.

For those who watched the movie, you should have known about the devotion of the emperor parents to their baby. The emperors "marched" for a long journey before they can lay an egg, yes only a single egg! Emperor daddy and mommy takes turn to take care of the egg, and even after it hatches. When one looks after the chick, the other one goes and feed itself, full enough to feed the young when it comes back.

They are birds, and they can't breath underwater. But their diet are mainly fish, and sometimes squid (which are underwater). That's why the emperors have to dive into the icy cold water of the Antarctica to find their foods. An emperor penguin can hold its breath underwater for approximately 18 minutes!

The underwater ballet.

They are birds, yet they can't go airborne. But no one can beat the emperors when they are in the water!(Most of the time)

And yeah, penguins do FLY. (YayPenguins ;])

That's all for the emperors! Hope you like those images. "Yes, your majesty." >.>

Edit: Added a photo of the flying penguin, and a video link for "flying penguins". O.O


Here's the video link to the "flying penguins" :

P/S: Penguins fly fly fly, but just underwater. :O

YayPenguins- Thinking of you, I think of the penguins :D
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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Ice-cream for everyone!

Aaaahhhh, isn't it great to share some ice-cream with the animals? Especially in this hot weather!

As we know, the earth is going warmer and warmer. Yup, the global warming. Ice cubes of north pole melts, weather changes dramatically in all of a sudden. The greens are vanishing day by day. HUMAN are the one to be blame. And HUMAN mean you, and me!

Well speaking of hot weather, nothing can be more soothing than the.. ICE-CREAM! Yeah, ice-cream. In the Zoo Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Zoo keepers are giving out ice-creams and frozen fruits to the animals. Yay!

This grizzly bear is holding some frozen fruits, in a pool! Does that look like, a Hawaiian grizzly? :D

I did watch the news on TV and the grizzly was playing with his frozen watermelon, like those ball gymnastics. But in the end the watermelon fell and breaks half.(Haha!)

Now, this is one ugly beast (no offense :D). And it's a spider monkey. As ugly as it is, it still gets its ice-cream. >.>

I don't know about the other zoo, but if I'm an animal I'll definitely wanna stay in this one. :D

But first thing's first, why are they giving out ice-creams? Is it because there's too much unsold ice-creams in the storage? No, it's because of the overwhelming summer heat! We are the one who's making the planet heat up, and now we are giving ice-creams to the animals to say "Sorry"?

Human think think think. Don't let the animals down. Save our planet, our only planet.

P/S: Am I feeling heated up right now? Maybe I should calm down. Hrmm, I could use some of those ice-cream. >.>

Laurie- Codename, Yaypenguins
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