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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Polar bears struggling for survival!

Polar bears of the Arctic Circle (the north pole), are now struggling for survival. Not only the cause of the global warming (which melts the ice of the north), until these days, poachers still hunt them down for its skin rugs, claws, skulls and other parts of these animals; for decoration purpose!

Polar bear homes are literally melting away. >.>

Large numbers of world polar bears are located in Canada. The Canadian government MIGHT take action about this matter.

Besides from global warming and poaching, polar bears are also facing threats like the oil drilling and pollution.

Gladly, I heard this news on the net, saying that-- "The Obama administration and the Department of the Interior heard you loud and clear, and have agreed to propose an international ban on the trade of polar bear products. "

Worries of the polar bears..!

Stop global warming and the pollution, or we might be seeing polar bears drifting away together with the ice!

Polar bear cubs.

Snow white!

Polar bear cubs are very vulnerable (vulnerable to other male polar bears) and they need their mum to take care of them; and teach them the "way of life!".

"My home is melting!" T_T

Hopefully the government will do something about that and STOP the poaching! Polar bear, the beauty AND also the beast of the Arctic Circle! >.>

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