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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Gray Wolf, now our Best Friend?

So, do wolves really "evolve" into domesticated dogs?

Yup, the wolf are the dog's ancestor. In some ten thousand years ago, the domestication began and wolves slowly change to dogs.


Wolves are predatory animals. They hunt down big animal like the bison. In some other area, wolves also feed on salmon fish. o.o

But how do wolves turn into dogs?

Long time ago (ten thousand years ago), human hunt down animals for the meat. Leaving large pile of bones outside the house, wolves start to come and grab anything they can eat. This is very normal because cannibalism exist among wolves. So from a predator wolf, it slowly turns into a scavenger wolf. Having free meal, left by the human. This made those wolves eventually rely on human.

Later on, wolves become closer and closer to human. That's why the wolves slowly changes into dogs. During this domestication, the fur colour of the wolves change after generation of breeding. Because they don't need the fur colour to camouflage to their surroundings (surprise attack purpose) anymore.

But yet the dogs still inherit some of their ancestors' characteristics. The body bio mechanism changes a little, but the nose is still there! >.> What I mean is that dogs inherit the wolves nose and they can sniff real good!

Nowadays dogs are crossbreed to create "better dogs!". For example the bloodhounds, generations of breeding making the efficiency of their nose to evolve (>.>), sniffing even more GODLY! Generally use to sniff out drugs, or even track a person. (Probably a criminal)

The bloodhound pups! Yay~

The golden retriever~

German shephard puppy~

Canine in the Twilight Timberland!

It means signing off~~~~ ao~ (Wolf language) >.>

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Lai(Wolf) - x)


  1. love wolfs!! you have my respect

  2. I am writing a book about a teen werewolf sort of she is not a werewolf but close. she is a shape sifter and she was adopted by a werewolf couple. can i get your opinion!!! my email is if yes email me the answer then i will give you the first couple of chapters. hope!!

  3. Thats pretty cool. I Think wolves are mysterious and magestic creatures. But over all are AWSOME!!

  4. i think they are the best thing in the world and to me they are the protecters of the woods

  5. They are so beautiful animals. So powerful! Really amazing!