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Friday, April 30, 2010

Wise Ol' Owl, the Silent Hunter

Owls are always related to superstitions, myth, and legend. Owls are known as the Wise One. And owls also mean harbinger of death in some region, while others take it as a sign of victory!

Nevertheless, the cries of owl is kinda spooky too!! >.> Hoo hoo~

Their signature appearance - Big round eyes '(O.O)', they can see clearly even in the darkness. Only the cats eyes are capable of doing the same as the owls'. The owls have binocular vision (both eyes facing the same direction, parallel vision), like human. So unlike other birds, the owls need to turn their head to scout around. They can turn their head 135° each side, which is a 270° "lock-to-lock" range! That's gonna hurt the neck!

The serrations on the leading edge of an owl's flight feathers reduce noise.

Another distinguishable feature of the owls, their feathers! As we know, much of the owls' hunting strategy depends on stealth and surprise. (Ninjas! ..with wings O.O) Serrated edges on the leading edge owls' remiges (flight feathers, the wings' feathers), silencing the owls wings' beats when they flap their wings. This allow its flight to be practically silent.

Therefore the owls can be classified as the greatest nocturnal hunters. With their characteristics, they are the perfect silent assassins! Yet, not all the owls hunt in the night. Owls like the Northern Hawk Owl, the Burrowing Owl, they hunt in the day (or dawn/dusk) rather than night.

Hawk Owl~

Immature Burrowing Owl

Much about owls haven't been discovered yet. Or maybe the myths are true? Real existence of the mystical owl, the wise ol' owl? Hoo hoOooo hoooOOoo~

Short and simple. :P

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