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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Fear the Viper, Meet the King Cobra!

"I'm da Kinnggsssss~~~~"

The King Cobra, Ophiophagus hannah (girlish name x.x) is the world's longest venomous snake. It's commonly found throughout Southeast Asia and parts of India.
Despite their large size, King Cobras are fast and agile.

The King's genus name, Ophiophagus, literally means "snake-eater". Ya they eat snakes! They don't eat human. >.> But if they were alerted by your presence, they might strike as a form of defense.

One bite from a King Cobra can cause death within 15 minutes for a human!

When the Kings are on the hunt, they "smells" around to detect preys. Just like all the other snakes, the Kings "smells" with its tongue. Identifying chemical information in the air, the Kings detect meals and locate the direction of the preys.

Envenomation through the twin sharp fangs, prey like ratsnake will be down in just a few minutes. Then the Kings will swallow it whole.

King Cobras are able to hunt at all times of day, and it is rarely seen at nightfall.

The battle stance!!
When threatened, King Cobras raise up one-third of their body, flattening the neck, showing the distinctive hoods of the King!

Well, the Kings do retreat sometimes. >.> Neurotoxin immune animals such as mongoose, can make the Kings to "run" away. (running without legs) =]

That's all for the Kingsss!!~

P/S: Don't ever provoke a King Cobra when you see one. The King's distance strike can outreach your assumed safe range. 7 feet far, about 2 meters. O.O!! 1-Hit-KO!

Chee Hui- =] thanks for the idea~
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